Vancouver Island, Canada. 50'classic wooden topsail schooner Grail Dancer.

     $159,000 Cdn


 Classic Schooner

Neither a yacht nor a work- boat, Grail Dancer displays a stout elegance balancing history and modernity. Sturdily built by her professional shipwright/owner, she was planned for family cruising –both coastal and off-shore 

Construction-fir on yellow cedar

        loa - 61'             beam-15'2"

        lod-48'               draft- 5'6"

Year : 2000

Location : Thetis Island

                   British Columbia


 A small Tall Ship

Grail Dancer has been a popular presence at several Tall Ship shows and turns heads everywhere she travels on the West Coast. Her traditional lines, elegant motion and sturdy build are recognized by seafarers who know the importance of strength and versatility at sea.She is spacious, economical,safe,reliable and can be handled by a small crew. As a live aboard or income generator she is unsurpassed.

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Traditional Gaff Schooner

Traditional topsail schooner Grail Dancer during the Gaffer Race on BC's West Coast in 2017